Our EPICS team works with the DRC or Disability Resource Center to come with solutions to accomodate for students with disabilities. The team is currently working on three projects. These projects include a Wheelchair Booster, an Automated Tour Guide, and an Adjustable Table Stand.


Wheel Chair Booster​

The Wheel Chair Booster is meant to relieve the strain on the upper body, when person is injured and is required to use a wheelchair. This device is meant to assist the user by adding a force making the wheelchair less taxing on the body. Our device can currently run for more that 12 mile on one charge and is easily attachable to any size wheelchair. The controls are intuative and easy to learn. 

The picture on the left is the device, the right is the user controls. The controls include the round button to start acceleration, if pressed again the device holds speed, and after the third press the device stops. The red bar can be pushed up or down to stop the device immeadeately. 

Automated Tour Guide

The Automated Tour Guide is a smartphone applicatation that uses talk back technology to communicate with visually impaired users. This app works with a website called the route creator to help guide students on certain created routes around campus. When a person reaches checkpoints along the path a description will be read out. This will allow the user to build a mental map of the campus and surrounding areas over time. 


This team worked on the safety guards of the Ajustable Table Stand. They wanted to get rid of any pinching hazards, and add a layer of protection from liquids. The guard is made from cutting out plexiglass, using a lazer cutter. The desgin also implements a key desgin to keep the guard tight on the table. 


Ajustable Table Stand- Safety​

 Purdue University- College of Eningeering 

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